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In 6 Months Time, You Could Be Making Money!

Typically, a future licensee like yourself passes through three main stages starting the first time a licensee arrives at our website to the time he/she contacting the first client. although the time required to complete this journey varies from one person to another, it takes an average of 6 Months to complete.

In our attempt to make your decision making process easier, we listed each stage/stop in your future journey towards a better future with a list of best practice actions you should take during each stage/stop.

A 6 Months 3 Stops Journey [ Explore, Gear up, Get to work ]

1st Stop – Explore – [ 3 to 6 weeks ]

This is the time you should learn as much as you can about everything and make sure to make the right decision.


During This, You Should…

2nd Stop – Gear Up – [ Average 10 weeks ]

This is the time you’ll receive Your Package And Training. This Is The Stepping Stone To The Market.


During This, You Will…

3rd Stop – Get 2 Work – [ Average 2 weeks ]

This is the time you will be using your training, our prospect list and guaranteed appointments to market your services to your clients.


During This, You Are…

  •  Using Your Prospects List
  •  Using Your Guaranteed Appointments
  •  Customizing And Using Marketing Material
  •  Consulting With Your Startup Manager
  •  Meeting With Your First Client
  •  Making Your First Presentation
  •  Signing Your First Client 🙂

Take The First Step