Highest Business Accreditation

ClaimTek LLC BBB Business Review

Being accredited by the BBB shows that ClaimTek subscribe to the highest standards of business ethics: equal treatment, truth in advertising, honesty, integrity, courtesy and customer service. We are proud of our proven track record for more than two decades in business with a flawless grade from the better Business Bureau (BBB) and BCA (Business Consumer Alliance).

Local And National Recognition


ClaimTek was chosen as one of the top 20 low-cost business startups by Small Business Opportunities Magazine in its January 2016 issue, received Best-of-Irvine city business award for 2015, best program in Rick Benzel’s bestseller, and more…

Ownership and development


ClaimTek is the developer and owner of its software applications. Programming takes place at our headquarters in Orange County, CA. As a result, we have the full ability to customize additional features as we see necessary for our clients’ interests.

We Empower You

A businessman is pointing out in the chest where is a word collocation ' start up '. A concept of the starting up new business. Drawn wings. Black chalk board on the background.

ClaimTek provides comprehensive business training that goes beyond the nuts and bolts of software. We prepare you for a successful career in medical billing. We teach you all about software functionality, marketing intricacies, effective presentations, and daily operations.

We Make it easy to make money


ClaimTek’s software cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry, which means more profits in your pocket. For example: If you use ClaimTek’s Cloud software and have 5 doctors to bill for, your cost can be as low as $99 per month compared with around $1,300 per month with competitive systems.

state of the art software


Medical, Dental, and EHR! ClaimTek’s programs integrate advanced & modern medical and dental billing software along with robust EHR and ancilliary systems designed to increase efficiency and add more clients to your medical billing business.

History And Experience


ClaimTek has a proven, traceable record since 1993. The company runs a billing operation in Orange County CA, develops its own software, and develops its own marketing tools based on active involvement in the marketplace.

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