ClaimTek Advanced Software

ClaimTek’s Professional Medical & Dental Billing Software Offers Advanced Features, Versatility And Flexibility.

When you work with ClaimTek, you are working directly with the software developer. ClaimTek offers a professional suite of modern software applications that can contribute greatly to your success as a dynamic billing & practice management company. Our MedOffice® (for medical billing) & DentOffice® software (for dental billing) are advanced, feature-rich, versatile systems that can handle all types of specialties and can be accessed online 24/7 from anywhere in the world or installed right on your computer! Our software contains 100s of analytics and graphic business reports that doctors will want to see some of it on monthly basis. You won’t get such depth and versatility elsewhere.



As you explore the profession of medical billing, you are going to encounter many types of medical billing software. At ClaimTek, we believe that you need to truly have a versatile system that’s easy to use.


Like MedOffice for medical billing, DentOffice handles dental billing with sophistication and ease. DentOffice is a complete dental practice management software that can be used on the cloud or on your computer.

EHR Manager

Help doctors implement a certified Electronic Medical Record (or Electronic Health Record) EMR/EHR system to improve patient charting efficiency in their clinics and avoid Medicare and Medicaid penalties.


VisitTek is the telehealth system that was built with both your practice and your patients’ needs in mind. We believe that by helping you achieve your practice financial and managerial goals, we help you provide the best patient care possible

ClaimTek AI

Dramatically increase billing productivity and maximize business profitability with ClaimTek AI! You can now automate 50% or more of the billing process with ClaimTek’s new artificial intelligence to help you work faster and more accurately, allowing each biller to take on more accounts and generate more profit for your business.

Sydalink HL7

HL-7 bridges your MedOffice billing system with doctor’s EHR system. It helps you and clinics go paperless. Healthcare providers don’t need to change their EHR system to do business with you! Help your clients save while staying most productive!


The MD Code Reviewer (MDCR) is a versatile coding software that includes all of the medical & dental codes. Besides code lookup and verification, it allows you to perform code analysis to determine any possible revenue losses incurred from rejected claim fees due to incorrect codes.


The MD Contact Manager (MDCM) is a powerful marketing, contact management, and organizational tool that allows you to search a sales database (included) for medical and dental practices (potential clients). You can track your sales leads, mail-merge letters, document progress, and more.


The MD Practice Analysis Wizard (MDPA) software allows you to conduct comprehensive billing cost analysis for potential clients based on two main factors: Claims-Only analysis and Full Practice analysis! This software is unmatched anywhere in the industry.

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