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However, not knowing your income potential makes planning difficult when you are considering starting any new business. To alleviate this problem, we are providing here some tools you can use to estimate income potential. Below are the major services that produce income for your business with ClaimTek.

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From Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

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The billing operations is at the heart of your medical billing & practice management business. It brings a steady monthly income to your business. When you do a great job at it, you’ll enjoy a strong business bond with your clients that allows you to cross-sell additional services. We’re providing here some tools you can use to make your own realistic and scientific income projections

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From Cloud Services

Get Your Own Cloud System


ClaimTek allows you to establish your own cloud system! This unique advantage has many marketing and financial benefits for your business: It provides you with a sharp competitive edge by offering doctors free access to your cloud in return for their billing business. You can charge subscription fees. You can be in full control!

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From EHR Services

Electronic Health Records


Help doctors implement a certified Electronic Health Record system to improve patient charting efficiency in their clinics, all while creating a steady and amazing income stream for yourself! Offering EHR is a fantastic “door opener” for you to reach doctors and promote your new business!

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From VAR Services

Value Added Re-seller

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As you market your business to healthcare providers, you’ll occasionally encounter doctors interested in running their own billing operation for the time being but intrigued with your MedOffice software. You are able to capitalize on such opportunity and build a relationship with them. This presents another highly viable revenue stream. ClaimTek offers you wholesale prices on software. We’ll also show you how to bid for accounts and how to price your training and support services. This area can be very lucrative, as today’s typical training session costs between $75 and $150 per hour — depending on your geographical location and area demographics!

As A ClaimTek Re-seller You Can Earn Income From 6 Sources:

  • Software Sales: Medical, Dental, EHR
  • Add-on Modules
  • Training
  • Support
  • Clearinghouse Commissions
  • Your Own eCommerce Store for Billing Supplies

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From Ancillary Services

Help Doctors Do Better

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You typically approach doctors to offer them your medical billing & practice management services. but sometimes they don’t hire you immediately. In this case you have over 12 other services to offer them that can help you build a long-term relationship that can lead to more and more business with them later on. Our diversity of business programs helps you establish credibility as a professional medical billing service right from the start.

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