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Nate Jorgensen

It's been a great opportunity for me that turned my thoughts from being part-time biller to a full-time business owner.

DR. Paul Triolo

ClaimTek was much better than the rest of the software out there. In terms of scalability , in terms of proficiency. they really did a great job.

Zia Uddin

The good thing that i really like about ClaimTek Systems is that they offer a one stop shop of solutions specially for people who want to start this business…

Heather Beauford

At first, you would be like … really ? can this be true? can i really become an entrepreneur? but honestly ClaimTek has exceed my expectations.

Catherine Aranas

After careful research i decided to become a ClaimTek licensee. I relay on ClaimTek software and as well as their expertise. they really assisted and guided me…

Terry Mcnamara

The combination of my business and finance background and the training that ClaimTek provided really puts me in a great position to be the consultant doctors are looking for.

David & Amy Harmer

They are one of few that offer a complete package. the software, the training, the marketing. a complete package in a very reasonable investment.

Ashley Fornara

I thought once i have children, I’ll become a stay at home mom and not work anymore. But now that I have ClaimTek, I’m able to do both and I don’t have to choose.

Maria Coleman

The customer support team has been awesome! whenever i need assistance, they are always available and welling to help me achieve my goals.

David Waite

I now have over 100 clients with six employees. MedOffice software has been amazing for me to use, my client absolutely love the reporting functionality

Cindy Zetina-Richey

If I have any questions or concerns, i can always reach out to one of my trainers, and they’re absolutely ready to assist me as much as they can …

Kay Morrison

When i got my first customer, they helped me go through and get them online and for the last ten years we’ve built up to 43 doctors and clients …

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