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 Medical Billing - MedOffice Software Presentation  Medical Billing - MedOffice Software Presentation

Enjoy Maximum Flexibility, Security & Scalability!

MedOffice® is ready for the Way You Work:

  • MedOffice® on Premise
    For Desktop/Laptop or Server Install on your computer or host it on your own server to provide online access under your personal control.
  • MedOffice® Cloud:
    Cloud Computing Model: Access Online 24/7! (Worldwide access by you, employees & clients).
  • MedOffice® Remote:
    Satellite Version for Some Doctors.
  • MedOffice® for Resale:
    Become a V.A.R. Reseller! Make money selling great software.

All choices are yours! Don't settle for less for your Success!

Before we proceed in explaining the powerful features of MedOffice, we would like to provide an overview of ways to set up a medical billing software...

As you explore the profession of medical billing, you are going to encounter many types of medical billing software. At ClaimTek, we believe you need to truly understand the differences among how software can be set up and the differences in software capabilities. This understanding is critical to your choice of companies to work with so we encourage you to consider this closely.

There are three important distinctions about software set ups that you should know:

  1. Desktop/Laptop Setup – This type of software runs strictly on your own computer, no different than programs like MS Word, Excel, and others. It is fast, efficient and under your complete control.
  2. Web-Based (Browser) Setup – This type of software runs on a web site that you must access using an Internet browser. Functionality is limited to one-page at a time, which in medical billing can be slow. In a sense, these applications should really be called “browser-based” applications.
  3. Server-Based and Internet Accessible Setup – A server is an advanced computer that can host cloud applications that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with just a click from your desktop/laptop/tablet. MedOffice on our servers (or any server) performs and acts with its full feature-rich capacity & multi-task just like if it were running on your own desktop.  You connect to the server through a web link or through Remote Desktop Connection, also known as RDP, which comes free with your Operating System. One of the advantages of a server-based system is that while many people can access the same software all at once, everyone can still enjoy multi-tasking within the application.

As you can see, web-based billing software and server-based billing software are both accessible "cloud" software. Both work over the Internet. The problem is, web-based browser medical billing software systems remain slow, limited in functionality and can get very expensive as you add more accounts (please read the clearinghouse section to see why). This can limit your business growth. Web-based systems come in different complexities. Some of our competitors offer web-based software that's severely limited in features. So make sure you study the software carefully.

We invite you to explore these distinctions in greater detail on the following pages, where you will learn about the leading edge software that ClaimTek provides you and why ClaimTek offers you the best choice for your professional billing service. If you have any questions about this information, please contact us at 800-224-7450.

MedOffice offers you more functionality, accuracy, ease-of-use, and flexibility than any other medical billing software, whether desktop or web-based. Here's an overview of the main medical billing software group:

MedOffice®: The Ultimate Medical Billing Software Solution

ClaimTek's MedOffice® software is your advanced professional medical billing program for your use in your business. You use MedOffice® to generate insurance forms, submit claims electronically, and prepare valuable claims submission tracking and follow-up financial reports for your providers. MedOffice® simplifies the claims filing process and ensures accuracy in medical claims filing and patient billing.

In addition to processing claims, MedOffice® medical billing software allows you to provide a range of services for your medical clients, including: printing and mailing patient statements, posting receivables to popular accounting programs (such as QuickBooks), generating referring physician analysis reports, performing soft collections, tracking and comparing managed care payments with fee schedules, outputting patient and insurance "aging" reports (which show unpaid claims), creating sophisticated practice management reports for your providers, producing mailing labels, creating and updating management and financial reports -- and much more! You use MedOffice® in conjunction with MedOffice®-Remote to create a paperless work environment for both your office and your doctor clients office.

MedOffice®-Remote: A Satellite Version for Your Providers

MedOffice®-Remote is a practice management software designed for use at the doctor's office. It is a satellite version of your MedOffice® medical billing software that is easy to use yet encompasses a sophisticated practice management system designed to help health care providers and their office staff carry out important phases of their daily medical practice operation. MedOffice® Remote streamlines office operations while keeping the health care provider's overhead cost to a minimum. It incorporates many useful features for daily use -- except printing insurance claims or filing them electronically. Those functions are reserved for you as a medical billing service.

MedOffice Cloud: Internet Access from Anywhere Worldwide

MedOffice® medical billing software is also available on the cloud! You, your employees and your doctor clients can have access anytime! MedOffice Cloud is more advanced than basic web-based applications promoted by competitors. It provides all of the flexibility in terms of functionality, multi-tasking, accessibility, speed, security and control that desktop applications offer. Please read more on why web-based applications are NOT your best choice when considering a professional & comprehensive medical billing software.

In the following sections, we'll explain the outstanding features of MedOffice®. We'll explain how MedOffice® & MedOffice®-Remote work together to create a unique paperless billing and practice management system. Our advanced medical billing software helps your doctor clients run a successful and efficient medical practice while you run a successful medical billing and practice management service.